Cocktail Competitions

Class 31
Cocktail (Junior)

Friday 10.00am, Restaurant
Heat times will be advised

Competitors are required to produce two portions of a cocktail of their choice. Bacardi, vodka, and bourbon will be provided and at least one is to be a component of your cocktail.

Competitors will have five minutes to setup with no preparation and 15 minutes to complete their cocktails.

All other ingredients and garnishes are to be supplied by the competitor.

Please supply a recipe card and the name for the creation at the time of presentation.

Be prepared to provide a verbal explanation of your creation to the judges on request.

Class 32
Smoothie/Frappé and Iced Tea (Secondary School)

Thursday 12.30pm – 2.00pm, Restaurant
Heat times will be advised.

Competitors are required to produce two portions of a Smoothie or Frappé and two portions of an Iced Tea.

The base products will be provided by Bon Accord and must be incorporated in the beverages served. Sample products and, if requested, demonstrations will be provided to individual schools. Products will also be available on the day of the competition.

These can be viewed at Fresh products may be used to enhance the dish and over presentation.

Competitors will have 5 minutes to setup with no preparation and 25 minutes to complete their items.

Competitors are encouraged to bring their own presentation items however, blenders, Ice, and other equipment can be made available upon request.

It is essential to provide a recipe card, and judges will ask for a spoken dish description to explain your creations and what has inspired them.

All competitors will receive a complimentary Bon Accord Gift pack at the completion of the class.